Any successful manager knows that employees are more than a number – they’re the lifeblood of your company.  It’s imperative that you work hard to select the right people, provide them with a sound strategy to drive both themselves and your company forward, and build a culture that encourages them to succeed.

That being said, operating profit is an objective measure, and you have to have an objective way to measure how well on your way your company is to maximizing that profit.  It’s obvious how some people at your company contribute to profits – your sales and marketing teams bring in revenue, for instance, and customer service departments encourage follow-on sales and prevent customer loss.

When you think about it, every person in your company has a few metrics that directly or indirectly contribute to your company’s success and profitability.  And when highly motivated people can see how they’re helping everyone else succeed, they work even harder to help the company get where it wants to be.

The problem is that if you have more than a few employees, you’ve got a lot of numbers to track!  If each of these numbers were manually tracked by your company’s leadership, you wouldn’t have any time to actually lead the company.

This is where technology comes into play.  Does your technology provider understand how your company achieves profitability?  Is your technology provider equipped to help you centralize and automate the tracking of this information?  If not, see if they can help you move forward.  Ultimately, businesses don’t use technology for technology’s sake – they use it in pursuit of a goal.  And what better goal could there be than streamlining the measurement of your path to profitability growth?

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