June 13, 2009 –WingSwept and Clever Ducks are companies very similar in nature but find themselves across the country from one another, which make them ideal partners for cooperative action. The founders of both companies met and hit it off in a Heartland Technology Groups peer group where resources and advice are exchanged. WingSwept and Clever Ducks decided to move beyond the occasional conference and phone call and emails, by sending WingSwept’s head of marketing, Molly Moore, all the way from Garner, NC to the Clever Ducks nest in San Luis Obispo, CA.

WingSwept and Clever Ducks not only share the same market niche providing reliable technology solutions to SMB market, but also strive to grant their clients the utmost satisfaction. Both companies work in a creative team environment, and work to provide clients with peace of mind and efficiency through maintained networks.

 “Help from an outside source that completely understands what we are trying to do is exciting but rare. Sharing ideas makes us both stronger,” says Amy Kardel, COO of Clever Ducks.  “It is an efficient and effective way to make a difference in our business and for our clients.”

By pairing up with other organizations outside of each other’s competitive range, best practices for businesses are shared and collaborative thinking is constant and on-going. This business model can be applied in any industry, but mutual company integrity and open communication is required for success. Due to the economy, there is no better time to make cost-conscious and creative decisions to positively impact business results.

“This transfer was a unique and advantageous decision for both companies. We ultimately were exchanging expertise, because I was able to learn from Clever Ducks while providing them with a fresh prospective on their material,” says Molly Moore, WingSwept’s head of marketing. “The success of this trip and our combined desire to develop world-class companies in our respective markets will allow for a platform for continued collaboration well into the future”.


WingSwept consists of two companies that provide full-service information technology consulting focused on interactive media and essential technology systems. WingSwept Communications and WingSwept Technologies currently have offices in North Carolina and Virginia. Their staff of more than 25 serves a diverse set of clients in all 50 states and around the world. WingSwept’s services focus on the areas of government services, network support, web application development and vertical marketing. The companies maintain separate divisions with dedicated staff for Web/database development and information technology consulting.  WingSwept Communications was established in 2000, followed by the incorporation of WingSwept Technologies in 2002 by its president, Jay Strickland. For more information on WingSwept’s services, please visit our Web site at www.wingswept.com.


Clever Ducks is a professional IT services company, located in San Luis Obispo, California offering a proven service portfolio for clients looking for simple monitoring solutions to complete outsourced IT. Since 1992, Clever Ducks has put its clients ahead of their competition and in charge of their data with reliable and efficient information technology solutions.  Their team uses innovative technologies to manage applications, desktops, servers, and networks so they run effortlessly and securely for a fixed monthly fee. For more information call 805.543.1930 or visit www.cleverducks.com.