Top Twitter Executive’s account was recently hacked into, and the hacker now has its hands on Ev William’s personal information along with internal corporate data.  Some of the stolen data has been posted, and the hacker plans to release the rest of it in the near future.  Information hacked into included company growth plans, an unreleased show pitch, and HR documents.  It has been reported that the executive found the attack “highly distressing” and security has been tightened since.  Click here to get the full story.

Though we are glad to hear his security has now been increased, this should be a lesson to all business leaders.  Don’t let this happen to you!  Computer security is highly important for you to consider before a disaster like this occurs.  Put your internal business data into professional hand’s you can trust, because it isn’t enough to hope this doesn’t happen to you.  At WingSwept, protecting our client’s business is our top priority.