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Avoid data-loss disasters with WingSwept’s Data Backup and Protection Services

While technology failures such as hard drive crashes can lead to data loss, it’s often other unexpected events that lead to data disasters. This includes accidentally deleting a file, loss of power or even a natural disaster like a fire or a flood. Businesses also may even face a disaster because of the actions of other tenants in their building.

Whether it’s caused by caused by you, current employees, former employees, other building tenants, the weather or even bad luck, WingSwept’s services can protect you from the consequences disasters bring about.

Data backup makes disaster recovery possible. No effective business continuity plan can exclude data backup – it is extremely difficult or impossible for most companies to recover from the loss of their corporate data. WingSwept can design and implement a data backup and recovery plan that gives you peace of mind and protects you from data loss if the even you do face a disaster.

Saving you from losing files.

Data backup is the copying of your data to a secure device or secure location. Offsite data backup ensures that your data will survive even if your building doesn’t. If you are a business owner or in charge of company data, consider the following questions:

  • How do you back up HR documents, accounting files, and other crucial data?
  • How accountable is that backup system?
  • Is that system you?
  • Are you prepared for a system crash, natural disaster, theft or accidental deletion?

If you’re not happy with the answers to these questions, contact us so we can talk about how to improve your situation.

Saving you from losing systems.

While losing data causes permanent and unrecoverable damage, losing servers can also lead to weeks or months of downtime if proper documentation isn’t in place to quickly rebuild your network.
WingSwept will help you build a disaster recovery plan, ensuring that your systems can be restored in the event of a disaster. Everyone has a different tolerance for downtime, but with today’s technology, most consumers aren’t willing to wait for businesses to get back up and running. So while a disaster recovery plan is essential, our opinion is that it needs to include business continuity.

Saving you from downtime.

Business Continuity is the ability to be up and running during or immediately following a disaster, giving business owners the ultimate peace of mind. Even if a disaster occurs, you have the ability to continue operating by accessing data and programs from any location. Even if you can’t access your building, your business does not have to skip a beat.

Business continuity plans are valuable whether a disaster occurs or not. But like an intangible insurance plan or the office fire extinguisher, the true value is only realized when you need it for protection. Every business will experience situations that will threaten data security. A business continuity plan ensures that, when you do face these situations, your customers will continue to experience reliable service even as you resolve your technology issues.

Contact us about our data protection or business continuity services; we are happy to provide a free consultation.

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