Server & Email Support

Server and Email Support

Keep Your Offices Running Smoothly With Proactive IT Server Support

Businesses today are heavily reliant on computer servers to keep their businesses running smoothly. Servers are responsible for email, data storage, internally hosted applications and even phone systems. A well-maintained server can increase the productivity of all employees by speeding up their access to all of these items and preventing unexpected errors or shutdowns. Servers which are out of date or not actively maintained can easily lead to loss of data or software access, debilitating the ability of your business to complete day-to-day operations.

WingSwept’s IT experts have vast knowledge on servers, maintaining hundreds of them and ensuring that they remain reliable, up-to-date, and powerful enough to meet the needs of their users. We’re familiar with servers supporting both large and small companies.

As we welcome any new managed IT services client on board, we evaluate their servers extensively, ensuring that they are well maintained and are meeting the client’s needs. Once we’ve optimized email, data and file servers, we’ll proactively monitor them to ensure they remain fast and free of viruses and malware. We also monitor the desktops, laptops and even mobile devices connecting to these servers, ensuring that they’re providing your staff with what’s needed to get their job done efficiently.

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