WingSwept would like to warn you about the a identity theft scheme that is being accompanied by tax season.  The newest scheme developed by identity thieves is to send an e-mail posing as the IRS.  According to the Trend Micro Consumer Newsletter, there are different versions of scamming e-mails being sent.

One version of the scam IRS messages has victims receiving an e-mail advising they did not report all of their income to the IRS.  The recipient is then asked to download an attachment which the scammer claims is a portion of their most recent tax return.  When the attachment is downloaded, the victim’s computer has acquired a virus.

Another similar scam plays on a victim’s fear of being audited by the IRS.  A bogus information form is sent to the victim by e-mail who is told they must complete and return it.  If the victim does not complete the form, the scammer will then threaten them with levy penalties and interest.

In order to avoid the newest scam this tax season, it is important to remember one thing:  The IRS uses the US Postal Service to contact taxpayers—they never use e-mail.

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