WingSwept, a leading local technology solutions firm, has recently been focusing on letting their customers know how they can be better served through Managed Services.  All of their clients truly value their data and uptime in the workplace, and now WingSwept can provide an even more advanced service at a lower overall cost.

As a Managed Services provider, WingSwept offers network management through best-practice bundled solutions.  With the state of the economy, more and more businesses are turning towards this proactive and cost-efficient approach.  Waiting until network issues to arise can cause disruption in the workplace which leads to downtime, not to mention network repairs that can be very costly.

“We chose to transition to one of WingSwept’s Managed Service plans because we want our network to be running efficiently and at an optimal level at all times.  We are more confident and at peace than ever with the stability of our network,” says Jerry Jones of Jones Insurance Agency.

In these lean times, getting the most done with the least effort is important for a business’s overall budget.  The cost of not investing in Managed Services may be down time, loss of data, and not performing at an optimal level.  Higher reliability makes a monumental difference in this economy.

“Managed Services is such a great and practical advancement in the IT industry, because it allows us to better serve our clients at a price they can afford.  Before Managed Services your system could cry out for help and no one would hear it,” says WingSwept’s president, Jay Strickland. “We now have the ability to constantly monitor machines and stop crisis before they happen.”