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  1. Cloud Computing for Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Email Security

    Cloud computing is all the rage in today’s technologically driven world; unfortunately most people are still unsure what the “cloud” really is. Typically the “cloud” is used to reference the Internet and when someone is providing cloud based services they are typically providing some sort of service fully hosted on their servers across the network….

  2. What Could Tornadoes and Unexpected Events Mean to Your Business?

    Houses, businesses and property were recently damaged across North Carolina.  Reports have indicated that around $100M of damages were caused by tornadoes.  WingSwept, a Garner-based technology firm, encourages you to keep reaching out to your neighbors who are in need of our relief efforts.   Beyond the physical harm that the storms caused, businesses lost…

  3. Is your business ready for a disaster? Protect your data!

    According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70 percent of small businesses that experience a catastrophic data loss go out of business within one year. While people invest so much in computers (which can be replaced) so few people realize the importance of protecting their data.  Data is so easily lost and is always…

  4. Six Steps to Prepare for Data Disaster

    Everyone has heard countless stories about disaster striking businesses (whether it’s in the form of natural disaster, hard drive crash, or theft), but continue to think that it would never happen to their business.  In an ideal IT world, all businesses would suppose that they are the ONE company it is going to happen to…