The Garner Citizen recognized Jay Strickland, WingSwept CEO, with a Citizen Choice award.  The article speaks highly of his service and dedication to the community.  When asked how he manages to find any spare time, he gives full credit to the WingSwept staff.

“I believe in the abilities of our staff,” Strickland said. “They are experts in their field and highly trained to do their jobs well. We have open communication in the office and work together to accomplish tasks.”


“The WingSwept staff is made up of reliable and hardworking people that are well-equipped to keep WingSwept functioning,” he said. “I have found that everything I do myself denies someone else the opportunity to learn, so I spend a lot of time making sure that our folks have the resources to be successful. I am confident in their abilities to take care of our customers without me being directly involved in every project or task, which allows me more time for my family and community involvement.”