Community Service

WingSwept Gives Back to the Local Community

Community Involvement

A critical part of WingSwept’s mission statement and the heart of our owners is to be good stewards of all that God has entrusted to us.  Our owners put forth our company mission statement as a reflection of their heart and as a measure by which they wish to be held accountable by our staff (not as an imperative or expectation from our team members).

We feel that the money that we have is ultimately not ours, but belongs to God. We also acknowledge that our talents and ability to create wealth are also gifts from God. Towards this end, we give away corporately a portion of our top line revenue each month to ministry groups. The groups that we support currently are predominantly serving the basic needs of children, the impoverished and/or hungry.

Some of our partner organizations:

If you feel that your organization should be considered for support by WingSwept please contact us using the contact form on this page to start the process. Your organization will need to fill out a questionnaire to be reviewed by our stewardship committee.


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