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About Us

Who We Are

Incorporated in 2000, WingSwept is a Managed IT Service provider, serving central North Carolina and northern Virginia. We believe that technology is a powerful tool that can help businesses of all sizes achieve their goals. Our focus on leveraging technology to meet your specific business objectives is one of the benefits of managed it services.

We commit to providing our clients with exceptional tech service and computer network support. Our team of over 85 employees is committed to understanding your needs and offering the best solutions for you. We keep a good balance of clients and engineers, with a ratio of 3 clients to 1 engineer. This ensures that our engineers can always give you the attention you deserve.

What We Do

Managed IT Services

WingSwept offers IT services to small and mid-sized businesses in North Carolina’s Triangle area and Washington DC Metro area. Whether you need full IT management or supplemental IT support, WingSwept has the capacity to adapt to your existing IT structure.

We offer full IT support with expert management and essential tools that can grow with your company. Conversely, companies with in-house IT teams might find value in our escalation support and network maintenance. Or our first-level help desk support is ideal for IT departments focusing on more advanced issues.

IT Cybersecurity

WingSwept offers comprehensive IT cybersecurity services, backed by several CISSP Certified experts. We develop a reliable and easy-to-use cybersecurity plan for your company. By partnering with a capable IT cybersecurity team, businesses can shift from reactive defense to proactive protection. Our team conducts thorough risk assessments, evaluates network elements and security practices, identifies vulnerabilities, and develops mitigation strategies.

We offer customized cybersecurity recommendations and policies based on risk tolerance, focusing on implementing security tools and educating users. Continuous monitoring quickly identifies and addresses threats. A good incident response plan prepares for breaches by establishing clear roles, communication, procedures, and testing.

Security Compliance

As a NIST 800-171 compliant government contractor, WingSwept has firsthand experience in collaborating with highly regulated industries to ensure operational compliance. We can assist you in improving your compliance rating or meeting regulatory requirements through our consulting services.

Whether you require continuous support or occasional assistance, we are here to help. Our compliance experts can help your business with policies, procedures, and documentation. We can also create personalized documents for your specific needs.

Application Development

WingSwept has been providing government case management solutions to investigators for over a decade. We started by customizing systems to meet the specific needs of each agency. As the number of agencies using our solutions grew, we developed a Commercial Off-The-Shelf product with GSA-schedule pricing to simplify the procurement process.

Our Case Management and Tracking System (CMTS) is now one of the most popular products in this space, and the only one that focuses exclusively on investigators. CMTS is a powerful, flexible, and reliable solution that provides the high level of security demanded by agencies handling sensitive data. Our Garner-based client support team is familiar with the needs of our customers and empowered to quickly respond to their requests.

Why Choose WingSwept

Honest, Eager, Accountable, Respectful and Team Player – these are the values that we uphold at WingSwept. These values allow us to provide businesses of all types with the best possible customer service.

To minimize costs, we deliver comprehensive coverage for the services that align with your business needs, while also offering on-demand services on an hourly basis. Although we can provide many managed services, we understand that not all businesses may find them appropriate.

To ensure peak service, we believe in earning your business every month, which is why we have 0 long-term contracts. We believe you’ll be pleased with our services and want to keep working with us every month.

Our onboarding process streamlined and as painless as possible. We have honed our workflow to ensure minimal disruptions to your team.

If you are looking for IT services in Raleigh, Durham, Washington DC, Alexandria, Baltimore, or surrounding areas, we can help you. In just 30 minutes, we can provide you with a tailored summary of services along with a fixed price.

Experience the Benefits of Managed IT Services


It’s no secret that great customer service is what differentiates WingSwept from other IT service providers. Our employees are knowledgeable, patient, friendly, and they’re dedicated to keeping your team operating at full speed. Here are some of the compliments we’ve received from current clients:

    • Over the last 14 years WingSwept has been instrumental in the implementation of numerous technological advances in our firm. In today's competitive environment, CPAs have to stay on the cutting edge and WingSwept keeps us there.

    • We've been using WingSwept for many years and they are excellent and highly recommend them to other small and medium businesses. They are very prompt, and have high integrity.

    • I don’t know if it’s just coincidence or what but things around here have been working so smoothly since we started working with you guys. I thought it was just me but I asked around and everyone around here is really happy with what you guys are doing.

    • "I wanted to drop you a line and let you know how awesome the WingSwept team has been this week. They are always great, but this week in particular we needed speedy help with a number of issues. Dylan, James and Calin really came through and I wanted to make sure you knew about it. Thank you and your team, it has been much appreciated!"

    • “Tony Pruter jumped on this and solved the issue within minutes of our request! Awesome!!! What may be simple to your team is sometimes something that is impossible for an end user. You all seem to really know that... We love working with all of you!!”



    • “Your group that services Guilford Plumbing is excellent. We appreciate the attention they all provide.”

    • "Your guys are just plain awesome to work with! We love them!"

    • "Wow! I’m impressed! A matter of minutes in a Go To Mtg and we have a new capability on our desktops. I just tested it and it works exactly as we envisioned that it could. Thanks so much for the phenomenal support! WingSwept once again demonstrates their focused customer service."

      Government Client

      Application Development Services


    We’re proud to have earned accolades from both local and national organizations. Here are a few of the organizations that have recognized us for our growth, service quality and positive work culture.

    • 2022 - Channel Futures MSP 501

    • 2023 Best Employers in NC
      #4 Medium Employer in the Triangle!

    • Triangle Business Journal
      2023 Best Places To Work

    • Great Employers to Work for in North Carolina – Best Companies Group
    • Inc. 5000
    • MSP 501
    • Fast 50
    • Best Employers in NC – Business North Carolina
    • Triangle Business Journal Best Places to Work
    • Inc. 5000
    • MSP 501
    • Fast 50
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