In cybersecurity, people are considered the weakest link. If your employees use the internet, you face the threat of your network being infected by ransomware.

computer showing error / encryption message - Files Being Held For Ransom


Ransomware is malware that can infect your personal files and folders through your email.

It encrypts files and holds them for ransom until a specific amount of money is paid.
The threat of this will continue to rise because it’s a volume business. The cybercriminals are making millions from this malware by effectively running their schemes just like a business would. You need to be aware of what to look out for when checking your email.

What are some different types of ransomware?

– Cryptolocker – ransomware introduced in September 2013 that targets all versions of Windows. It encrypts certain files and only unlock the files if payment has been received.
– Petya – recently introduced and still targets Windows. But instead of encrypting files, it targets the master reboot record.

How do you know if the email you have been sent contains ransomware?

– Suspicious looking or abnormal behavior.
– Unrecognizable email sender.
– If UPS and FedEx sent you an email (they rarely send emails).>
– Email contains “payment declined” but doesn’t identify sending company.
– Random sender who sent you dropbox link.

What are some things that you or your business can do to prevent ransomware from effecting your network?

– Prevent spam email from reaching users.
– Train users not to open any attachments that they’re not expecting.
– Make sure that your multi-layer security has been setup correctly.
– Having a good data back up process.

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