Mid-size business IT solutions

Mid-Size Business
IT Solutions

Mid-Size Business IT Solutions

The days of one or two IT professionals being able to adequately support the technology needs of a mid-size business are over.  The increasing complexity of technology often requires unique and nuanced business IT solutions that come from working with many networks and use cases with similar requirements. With WingSwept’s managed IT solutions you will gain the proficiency of our entire team of IT experts to help your organization fully leverage technology to achieve your business goals and minimize your risk of security breaches and data loss.

Mid-Size Business IT Solutions

Most often we work collaboratively with our mid-size managed IT services clients’ internal IT resources in one of two ways:

  • The client’s current IT staff manage day-to-day troubleshooting while our team handles all planning, infrastructure and monitoring duties, and also serves as a day-to-day backup.
  • The client’s employees go directly to our friendly, local IT helpdesk team for support, freeing up IT staff to focus on strategy, planning and higher-level projects.

In both models we will provide after hours and temporary support during vacations, illnesses or transitions, giving you a team of WingSwept IT experts on your side who are able to provide around the clock coverage for your business.

Some of our clients prefer to have us manage every aspect of their IT needs.  That is something that we have every capability of doing.  From the beginning of the working relationship we like to dig deep into the challenges that a client is facing and the needs that they know they have, as well as the needs that they don’t realize they have (usually around security) to create the system that will work best for their organization.  Regardless of how we work together, you can rest assured that we will take great care of your employees and your technology with our managed IT solutions.

Technical support and maintenance

As a mid-size business, your network needs can grow quickly and your integration issues can come fast and furiously, especially with the current pace of technology change. You’ve also got many more risk points for data compromise and the need to spend more time planning for what’s next.

It’s very important for you to have the right business IT solutions to match your specific needs.  Too much time spent trying to make square pegs fit into round holes results in declining productivity and frustrated employees.

Our team can help you build, or renovate, a technology infrastructure that will best serve your business.  We will seek to understand how you work before prescribing specific IT solutions.  Our team has decades of experience working with many different networks and types of technology architecture, so you can be confident that we’ve seen a lot and will be able to apply our expertise to your situation to create a work environment that is going to bring you the best results.

And very importantly, we will provide you with the help you need to support any adjustments that your employees will have to make.  Our helpdesk team is very well-regarded for their consistent delivery of outstanding customer service. And you’ll get our team, all the time. We don’t use outsourced service delivery or technical people.

If your business has between 10 and a few hundred users and is based in Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Knightdale or another Triangle area city or town, WingSwept could be a great fit as your IT partner.

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These are scary times for business owners when it comes to cybersecurity.  Hackers and social engineering experts will pursue every possible opportunity to compromise your business and steal your data and your money.  As big companies have locked down their networks, small and mid-size companies have become the most popular target.  Weak security policies, unprotected vulnerabilities and uneducated users are easy prey for cyber attackers.

We can help you greatly decrease your risk of cyber attacks and methodically take you through a process to secure your network and your data.  This will help to develop security policies that minimize the likelihood of vulnerabilities and establish a data back up system.  We will also help you train your employees on how to identify phishing attempts and avoid them.

You’ll be able to breathe easier and sleep better knowing that WingSwept is working to protect your network and data, and educate your employees, while constantly scanning the horizon for new attack strategies and activities.

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Supporting your business through growth and change

We understand, businesses are rarely stagnant, something is always changing.  We hope that all of your business’s changes will be positive, but that’s not likely to be the case.  No matter what changes you experience, you can be sure that WingSwept will be right beside you to support you.

Through the years we’ve helped our clients deal with many expected and unexpected positive and negative changes and you can be sure that we will be there for you as well.  That’s one of the reasons that we want to know as much as we can about your business, so that we can be ready to provide you with the best business IT solutions for your needs at the time.  During our Strategic Technology Briefings we will discuss your anticipated business changes and how that will affect your technology needs.  We will help you plan as much as possible, and when that unexpected opportunity comes up for you to grow your business, we will quickly help you adapt for that too.

You can also be confident that we will be here for you, because WingSwept is financially sound and built to last.  We’ve been profitable every month since mid-2010 and we plan to be serving small and mid-size businesses in the Triangle area for decades to come.

With WingSwept’s Managed IT Services you will add to your organization the skills and expertise of our entire team to help you maximize the ROI from your technology without having to add IT staff.

Explore The WingSwept Difference

If your business is based in Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Clayton or another Triangle area city or town, WingSwept can transform the way you leverage technology to achieve your business objectives.  Call us today at 919.779.0954 or submit an online request and we’ll contact you shortly!

Here’s what our clients have to say about our service:

“Tony Pruter jumped on this and solved the issue within minutes of our request! Awesome!!! What may be simple to your team is sometimes something that is impossible for an end user. You all seem to really know that… We love working with all of you!!”

-Brenda, Jani-King

“We’ve been using WingSwept for many years and they are excellent and highly recommend them to other small and medium businesses. They are very prompt, and have high integrity.”

-Robert, Classical Conversations



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