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If you want to be able to hit “send” but have the email stay in your outbox for a time, use the following rule. When it is in your outbox, you are able to re-open it and make changes without using the Recall feature!


  1. In Outlook, go to the Tools menu Rules and Alerts
  2. Click on New Rule
  3. Click Start From a Blank Rule
  4. Highlight Check Messages After Sending, then click Next
  5. Do not select any checkboxes showing, then click Next
  6. Answer Yes to dialog box asking if this applies to all messages
  7. Select the last checkbox – Defer delivery by X minutes
  8. Under Step 2 that now shows, click on minutes
  9. Edit number of minutes you would like the delay to last (suggested delay 2 minutes), Click OK and Next
  10. Decide if you want an exception – Some use “Importance” to have emails go immediately
  11. Name your rule and click Finish! You can now go grab and delete from out Outbox for 2 minutes if you realize you didn’t mean to send a certain email