Like all technology companies, we’ve got plenty of people at WingSwept who love new tech.  We talk about all of the latest hardware months before it’s even been released, and try to imagine all of the things that will be possible once it’s in heavy use.  Some of us are quick to buy it for our own machines and give it a test drive.

That being said, our clients don’t hire us to introduce them to new technology; in fact, our role sometimes involves telling clients that brand new technology isn’t quite ready for prime time.  We know that the best value we can bring to our clients isn’t new technology, but better results from their technology.  Until new technology has had a chance for real-world testing, it’s not reliable enough for most businesses.

Is your technology provider focused on your technology or your productivity?  Here are a few questions to ask:

Does the person selling new hardware to you receive a commission from the hardware vendor?

This can be a red flag, as their interests may not be in alignment with your own, or even with their employer.  Your relationship with both your technology provider and its employees should be based on service, not product sales.

When you receive a call from your technology provider, is it from a sales team member or a service team member? 

As mentioned above, if you want your technology partner’s interests aligned with your own, then relationships should be based on service, not on sales.  That means that the majority of your communications with the company should be about the service they are providing, not about the next thing they want to sell you.

Of course, hardware does reach end-of-life, and new hardware does have to be purchased from time to time.  But if the only time you get a call is when there’s a sale to be made, that’s a sure sign that your vendor is selling technology, not productivity.

When you receive a request to upgrade hardware and software, does your IT provider explain the upgrade in terms of business results? 

Most hardware purchases are made to improve business results – to reduce downtime, increase employee efficiency, reduce security and data risk, or to provide a better product or service to your customers.  If your IT provider doesn’t explain how hardware will accomplish this for your business when they attempt to sell you a new product, it’s either because they don’t understand your business well enough or because they don’t focus on business results.  Neither of these is good for your business.

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