Telework: Considerations for Managers and Executives

Telework: Considerations for Managers and Executives

Whether you call it teleworking or remote work or work from home, in these unprecedented times we are getting more questions about the topic than we ever have before. We put together a quick hit video to cover some of the key considerations for managers, executives and business owners.

Setting up your employees for success

  • Equipment: Ensure employees have the necessary equipment, such as a laptop, internet connection, and productivity software.
  • Security: Protect sensitive data with strong passwords and encryption.
  • Communication: Use collaboration tools to stay connected with your team.
  • Work-life balance: Set clear expectations for work hours and boundaries between work and personal time.

Managing a remote team

  • Trust and autonomy: Give employees the trust and autonomy they need to be successful.
  • Communication: Stay in regular communication with your team, both formally and informally.
  • Empathy: Be understanding of the challenges of working remotely.
  • Celebrate successes: Take time to celebrate the successes of your team, both big and small.


Teleworking can be a successful way to work, but it’s important to have a plan in place. By following these tips, you can set your employees up for success and create a positive remote work environment.