Today’s economy has every business owner questioning their expenses and reducing the amount of risks they take, which is why data security is more important than ever. You may think this is only true for enterprise level companies that can afford expensive plans, but that is fortunately not the case.

It is the small to medium sized business that are at a higher risk of losing business due to major data loss, but rather than invest in a consistent and powerful best practice plan, these businesses often approach data protection in a sporadic manner.

Data security doesn’t have to be a painful and expensive process.  Businesses of any size can permanently mark data backup off their to-do list, and put it in the hands of IT professionals they can trust.  IT professionals, with the right tools, can make backup simple for you, by helping you chose what data to backup and how frequently you want it to be backed up. Look for top-notch data security that backs up your data in an encrypted form and better protects you from theft.

How would your business fare if your technology failed or a natural disaster hit? How long would it take to recover the critical data like accounting files, emails, company records, and client files? Could you recover it? Ask yourself these questions.

Don’t forget about the loss of data occurs from human errors and is possible with only a couple wrong clicks of the mouse. Unfortunately, without an extremely reliable solution, everyone is at risk.  Data backup is the ultimate business insurance and grants you peace of mind while working on protected technology.

A majority of businesses close within two years of major data loss. It if it important to you not to become a part of that frightening statistic and reduce as many risks as you can in such an unstable economy.

My business has data recovery and backup plan, it’s my off-site machine I’m worried about…

On the other hand, perhaps your business has a data recovery plan that you feel secure but it does not include your machines at home or laptops.  Laptops are often not included in corporate backups, but hold critical data that you work on away from the office.  Sources say, over half of critical corporate data resides on unprotected PC desktops and laptops.

If you have hesitation of purchasing extra coverage, try seeking out a free trial. WingSwept offers a 30 day free trial of their online data backup solution ( This IT consulting firm understands that you want the ultimate return on investment with a program that is easy to use, always available, and affordable.  With WingSwept’s Data Vault Services, you can pick and choose what machines are covered.  Data Vault Services can be used for secondary protection on your main machines at work, or the primary source of data security for your off-site laptop.