Choose a Pro: While it may be tempting to simply use the help of a tech-savvy neighborhood kid or a family member who has always been good with computers, neither are equipped with the skills to help your company grow like a professional engineer is.

Tap into IT’s Know-How: Keep in mind that an IT professional is capable of much more than just fixing your printer or updating your software. Discussing business forecasts and the upcoming needs of the company with them can help them understand your goals and advise you about how those goals can be met.

Consider More Than Price: Be careful not to only consider price when choosing an IT company. Look out for the types of services you can expect also. Knowing what the company can do for you and thinking about what you expect out of them is the biggest part of choosing the right one. In the end, paying 10% more for a company with excellent service could result in 50% more capability for your business. Is your NC-based small business suffering from a lack of technology support? To find out what Garner’s WingSwept can do for your business contact us now!