WingSwept considers data backup an insurance policy for your business. Losing data could mean more than lost information, but could result in loss of reputation and loss of business.  Some businesses do not have a backup policy at all while others don’t consistently carry out their backup procedures.

Houses, businesses and property were recently damaged across North Carolina.  Reports have indicated that around $100M of damages were caused by tornadoes.  WingSwept, a Garner-based technology firm, encourages you to keep reaching out to your neighbors who are in need of our relief efforts.


Beyond the physical harm that the storms caused, businesses lost power, connectivity and data.  As a small contribution, an engineer at WingSwept took it upon himself to setup wireless Internet access before lunchtime on Sunday at the command site for the North Carolina Baptist Men disaster relief team.


A couple weeks later, WingSwept’s team would like local businesses to rethink how they manage data.  Unexpected events, from natural disasters to human error, cause loss of critical information on a daily basis.


WingSwept offers data security through managed services for clients who want backups properly done on a consistent basis. Contact WingSwept at 919-600-5100 for more information on backup solutions and disaster recovery services.