We know that major technology upgrades are scary for many companies, and frankly, we don’t blame them.  Upgrading your technology can be more than just expensive – it can be a distraction and a huge time sink.  If it goes wrong, it can wreak havoc on office productivity.  Some of our best clients first joined us after they called due to a previous provider having some major problems with a project implementation.  We understand that sometimes it can be a relief to stick with what’s working.

Of course, there’s a counter argument to this, too.  Without upgrading your technology every few years, it’s easy to fall behind competitors. New technology can help bring your data together, so you can make better decisions.  It can help you be more responsive to customers and prospects.  In many industries, it can make you more efficient at the core service you offer to your clients.

And according to a new study, it helps with hiring.  Harvard Business Review has released a new study which shows that more than half of all managers and executives say it’s increasingly common for job candidates to consider an employer’s technology before taking a job.  And old technology isn’t just a hiring problem; it’s also a retention problem.  Among companies that say it’s difficult for staff to use technology to communicate, 72% say that their outdated technology is making it hard to retain employees.

Employees aren’t considering a company’s technology because it’s shinier or more fun to use – they just want to be able to do their job better.  The single most requested technology upgrade is more self-service access to critical data.  In fact, this far outranks better technical support or even a bring-your-own-device policy.  If you’ve ever started work at a new job only to find out the company is much less efficient than your previous employer, you know how maddening this can be.

This is why it’s important to periodically assess your technology, benchmarking your position against that of your competitors.  In addition to ensuring data integrity and corporate efficiency, it can also ensure that your company can continue to attract and retain employees who refuse to be held back by inefficient technology, processes or knowledge management.

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