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Planning a Successful Office Relocation

Office moves are a big deal. We know – as a managed service provider, we’ve played a critical part in dozens of relocations over the years. We’ve also been through one ourselves – we not only changed buildings in 2015 but gutted the interior of the new space and rebuilt it from the bare concrete floors.

As you’d expect, we have plenty of advice on how to make sure your technology transition is seamless and supports your needs as you continue to grow in the coming years. There are lots of ways to find yourself without phones, internet access or wireless networks in your first weeks in the office. Any one of these problems will make a stressful and financially sensitive time far more painful, and you need to have a team of technology experts working with you months before the move to ensure that none of that happens. In fact, we’ve moved clients with a high need for operational uptime to new offices without a single minute of disruption to phone or email service.

Beyond technology considerations, we also have some broader advice for relocating businesses. Having gone through an office move and experienced continued growth after the fact, we’ve learned about how to align your company goals with the space you’ll have to achieve them. These aren’t necessarily things you’ll hear from a leasing agent, building engineer or design consultant, but they’re things you’ll be glad you heard a few years from now.

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