IT industry magazine, ChannelPro, recently featured an article on WingSwept detailing their efforts to further increase the company’s success through cost-control programs and incentives for the staff.  Ideas that are implemented come from both sources outside the company and from within.

The cost-control improvements affect the success of the company and the morale of its employees. One incentive that’s been a big hit with employees is the pay-for-performance program that allows staff to share profits based on their individual performance and the company’s overall bottom line success.

“It is critical, especially in economic uncertainty, to have employees care about the bottom line,” says WingSwept CEO, Jay Strickland.  “We have practices in place that show staff members that money-saving ideas not only benefit the company but them as well.”

A more cooperative corporate environment allows WingSwept staff to be at their best and provide the best service possible to our loyal customers. Without the trust and support of the customers, WingSwept would not be able to add benefits and have the creative work environment that is in place.