WingSwept has been encouraging customers for the past year to consider a more economically-sound IT support plan.  Managed Services is the proactive alternative to the reactive support that many business owners have invested in.

Proactive IT support saves businesses unpredictable costs in both downtime and equipment, which is why WingSwept has kept every key customer on a Managed Services plan since they began pushing it last year.
Through Managed Services, WingSwept’s team keeps customers’ operating systems healthy by constantly monitoring their machines and keeping them current with important updates and patches.  If a hard drive is on the brink of failure, WingSwept steps in before data is lost and time is wasted.

If you are interested in keeping your network performance up and downtime down, consider Managed Services as your advanced IT alternative.   Allowing WingSwept to proactively monitor your business’s technology can benefit your bottom line.

Jay Strickland of WingSwept says that, “Business owners really enjoy the peace of mind of predictable technology, as well as saving money in the long run.  We hope to gain even more Managed Services customers as businesses are looking towards smart ways to save money and business.”