Ransomware is the Cybersecurity threat that receives the most press recently as news hit that the average payment doubled in 19Q4 over 19Q3, coming in at $84,116. Even worse, ransomware hackers haven’t been content with allowing those companies with backups to get by without paying the ransom. They’ve been trying to extort them by threatening to release the victim’s data into the wild. After the ransom is paid, will you get your data back, and will the attacker move on or hold you hostage for more?

The most damaging thing will be the total cost of recovery.  These costs will include legal, investigative, lost productivity, brand reputation and other post event remediation to return to normal operations.  Depending on the type of data that was accessed, there may be subsequent fines to be paid.


While ransomware gets the headlines, there are many other types of cyber attacks that business leaders have to be concerned about these days. Cyber fraud, phishing, spear phishing, DDoS… the list goes on.

Participate in this program to hear about what to look out for, and learn more about what measures you can take to minimize your risk. Our CEO, Jay Strickland, will show you:

  • – How the Threat Landscape has evolved and requires new safeguards
  • – That you are the target
  • – How to identify and assess your risk
  • – How to define and implement security controls and technical safeguards to protect your business assets
  • – What you can do to prevent cyber attacks
  • – How to recognize attacks that get through your initial defenses
  • – How to train your employees to avoid attacks
  • – How to build, validate and maintain a business continuity plan
  • – Why physical security is just as important as cyber security


As a managed IT service provider we are on the front lines of the cyber security battle. Don’t miss this opportunity to better understand what you need to do to protect your company.

*This program is part of our C-Level Seminars program series for small and mid-size businesses. All of the programs are free and there will be no sales pitch for WingSwept.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020
8:30 AM – 10:30 AM

800 Benson Road
Garner, NC 27529