The excitement of getting a new computer can feel like opening gifts on Christmas morning.  Most of us are in a hurry to open our new tech toys and start them up.  Experts at WingSwept want to remind you to slow down and not rush to use a new computer before taking some preliminary steps that will save you time later on if something happens. 


First, make sure the computer will be located in a practical place.  Open the box and save the papers as well as the box itself in case there’s a problem and the computer needs to be returned or exchanged.  Take all those important disks and papers out and put them in a safe place after the computer is set up.  Set up the computer according to the instructions and make certain you plug everything into a surge protector or a UPS.


Turn your new computer on, but don’t skip over essential steps such as the setup wizard and registration information.  Don’t skip over these steps as they are essential to making sure your computer is configured properly and its warranty is in place. 


The last thing to do before you can start surfing the net is to install an anti-virus program.  The last thing you want to do is get a virus and break your new toy before you really get to use it.