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Technology Tools

Technology Tools

We use many different types of technology tools to serve our clients.  Some tools are used specifically for cybersecurity purposes while others are used to amp up employee productivity.  Below is a partial list of some of the tools that we put into action.

Cisco Umbrella

Most people know that malicious actors have been using the internet through websites and browsers to manipulate unsuspecting victims into doing something they really don’t want to do for many years.  But knowing that and quickly identifying suspicious situations while browsing are two different things, especially with the level of sophistication hackers employ today.

Cisco Umbrella intervenes in any potentially dangerous web interaction and protects your users.  It blocks malicious and unwanted domains, IP addresses and cloud applications.  It ensures that a connection is never established.

Cisco Umbrella works in the background and your employees will not experience any difference in their web experience unless they click on something that could lead to danger.  In almost all cases, this will be from a completely unsuspecting action – maybe trying to chase down contact information for a potential prospect or for a vendor.  When they try to take the potentially dangerous action, Cisco Umbrella will pop up on the screen with a warning.

Multiple layers of security are essential to keeping your organization cyber safe.  Cisco Umbrella is one option as one of those critical layers.


Your security is only as strong as your weakest link.  With the influx of phishing and social engineering cyber attacks, your weakest link is often going to be your employees – not because of malice, but lack of knowledge.  Without education and training on how to recognize and avoid these sophisticated schemes they will likely never see them coming.

That’s where KnowBe4 comes in.  KnowBe4 is the world’s most popular integrated platform for security awareness training combined with simulated phishing attacks.  The training is comprehensive and updated to include examples of the most recent types of attacks.  The phishing emails are expertly created to mimic attacks that have (unfortunately) proven to be successful.  And they produce in-depth reports to help you understand your biggest vulnerabilities.

We use KnowBe4 extensively within WingSwept, and deploy it for the vast majority of our clients as well.  We will work with you to put a KnowBe4 training plan in place at your organization that will best fit your needs.

Remote Monitoring Software

WingSwept leverages industry-leading Remote Monitoring and Management software to support and maintain our clients’ networks and endpoints.

Remote monitoring software enables us to:

  • Get alerts when critical internal or external systems are down or are not running optimally
  • Efficiently deploy new software to all managed devices
  • Spot issues quickly and fix them remotely, most often before the client is even aware there was an issue
  • Provide organization wide patch management for workstations and servers
  • And much more!

The utilization of remote monitoring software enables us to deliver enterprise-level monitoring to our small and mid-size business clients.  It also helps us optimize the performance of client networks and extend the life span of their systems and machines.

Managed Voice

We offer managed voice services as an add-on for our managed IT services clients.  With managed voice services, we provide the phone hardware, softphone tools and setup of your cloud-hosted PBX system with everything running through VoIP.  The result is a modern, turnkey communication system that provides you and your employees with multiple convenient options for voice and SMS communication that can fit the way you work.

Many More Technology Tools

This is a very short list highlighting some of the technology tools we use at WingSwept, but we use many more to help us best serve our clients.

 To learn more about how we can help you secure your network and data while maximizing your technology ROI, call us at 919.779.0954 or submit an online request and we’ll contact you shortly!

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