In one month, the Technology Spring Clean will be held at 951 Heather Park Drive, Garner, NC 27529. On April 16, WingSwept is holding the environmentally-friendly event with the unwavering support of its sponsors and the community.

The type of equipment that will be collected at the event has a negative impact on the environment when improperly disposed.  Please think twice before throwing technology in the trash.  In July, televisions and computer equipment will be banned from disposal in landfills in North Carolina.

CPUs, monitors, printers, keyboards, wire, circuit boards, media equipment, and hard drives are the most common pieces of equipment that have been recycled in the past.  As always, hard drives will be shredded prior to recycling to give peace of mind to everyone.

Recycling your electronics is always the best solution.  Although it often requires money and time, the Technology Spring Clean is asking you for neither.  It is a free and simple drop-off event where everyone is encouraged to get involved.  McDonald’s, a supporting sponsor, has even donated coupons as a thank you to those who participate in the event.

Read more about the event at, find the event on WingSwept’s Facebook page, or call 919-779-0954 x 131 to contact WingSwept’s Marketing Director.