Experts recommend long passwords with uppercase and lowercase letters, preferably with a symbol or two. They recommend that each password be different from all of your other passwords, and that all of these passwords be changed regularly. While we’ve covered why all of this is valuable and can prevent data theft, there’s one major problem with it – nobody can remember all of their passwords if they actually follow these rules.

That’s why “password manager” applications exist.  Online password managers store all of your login information and can help you log into your accounts automatically. They also make it easy for your employees to add, view, and manage their login info for multiple accounts. Not only do password managers help save time when it comes to remembering passwords, they’re also very secure and will safeguard all of your account information in one place.

These applications are akin to having a safe full of important items inside of your house.  And much like a home safe, these pieces of software are especially secure, often requiring you to verify your identity in two different ways before you can access the list.  While this “two-factor authentication” system does take a few extra seconds to access when you want to add, remove or change passwords, it ends up saving even more time because you always know where to find your passwords.

There are several password manager applications on the market, each with their own pros and cons.  Here are some options to explore to make your own life easier and more secure:



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