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  1. Are Your Files Being Held For Ransom?

    In cybersecurity, people are considered the weakest link. If your employees use the internet, you face the threat of your network being infected by ransomware. Ransomware is malware that can infect your personal files and folders through your email. It encrypts files and holds them for ransom until a specific amount of money is paid….

  2. Cell Phone Security Threats

    WingSwept wants to bring this frightening security threat to your attention. Spyware can be downloaded to your phone that allows people to access your information, listen and read your phone activity, and even track your location. Although this has been used by the government for a while, citizens can access and download the spyware very easily. …

  3. The Smarter the Phone, the More at Risk You Are

    The WingSwept team and many of you are major fans of the smartphone simply because they make almost everything accessible through a couple of clicks.  Think about how much you do on your phone.  Many of us check multiple personal accounts daily (including email and bank accounts). Many of you save your password for these…

  4. Lack of Computer Security Results in Twitter Exec Getting Hacked and Business Exposed

    Top Twitter Executive’s account was recently hacked into, and the hacker now has its hands on Ev William’s personal information along with internal corporate data.  Some of the stolen data has been posted, and the hacker plans to release the rest of it in the near future.  Information hacked into included company growth plans, an…