Jay Strickland, WingSwept CEO and a valued asset to the local business community, was newly awarded Triangle Top 50 Entrepreneur Award by Business Leader Media and Citizen Choice Award for Business by The Garner Citizen.  He was chosen for both based on his leadership skills and his overall impact as a citizen and professional.

Business Leader Media hosted the event on Friday, February 26, 2010 and gave recognition to 50 Triangle business owners who are successful risk-takers that transform businesses.  Jay is viewed by his staff and peers as a strategic and innovative business leader.  As the founder of the local IT company, many perceive WingSwept’s success as a tribute to Jay, but he does just the opposite.

“The people that make up WingSwept deserve praise for their ability to keep the company running smoothly.  It is through the team’s expertise and interactions with the community and customers that promotes what WingSwept truly is about,” says Jay Strickland, award recipient.  “These honors are only possible through their hard work.”

Along with the other Citizen Choice honorees, WingSwept president Jay Strickland was honored at the Garner Citizen breakfast on the morning of March 10.  Citizen Choice Awards recognizes people and entities who exemplify what it means to be a Garner citizen by encouraging community growth and demonstrating a commitment to Garner by fostering community activism and pride through leadership, innovation, vision and citizenship.

Jay possesses leadership positions in multiple professional organizations, including the Garner Rotary Club and Garner Chamber of Commerce.  Interacting with other professionals, whether in community organizations or peer groups, is one way Jay utilizes his time.

Without the WingSwept staff, Jay wouldn’t have the capacity to participate in the organizations that fuel his ingenuity.  WingSwept continually delivers top of the line IT services to businesses that are in need minimal downtime and secure data, while also staying active in the community and local events.