New data confirms that ransomware remains a major threat for small and mid-size businesses, and extortion was taken to a new level this month – here’s what’s happening in the cybersecurity world right now.

Coveware Q3 2020 Report Details Ransomware Risks

Ransomware response company Coveware has released their quarterly ransomware report, which provides a wealth of information about the most recent attacks.  Here are a few of the most interesting data points:

The Professional Services industry is the most targeted – it received one quarter of all attacks, or more than twice as many as any other industry.
40% of all victims have fewer than 100 employees, and 60% have less than $50 million in revenue.
The median ransomware payment was over $100,000, and the average was over $200,000.

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Cybercriminals Distributing Threats Via Facebook Ads

The hackers that breached alcohol maker Campari’s network have taken extortion to a new level by using a hacked Facebook account to buy ads threatening to release the data they stole during the attack.  By targeting these ads to vendors and customers of Campari, they hope to spur them to increase pressure on Campari to pay the ransomware so their own sensitive information remains secure.

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Black Friday Phishing Threats

Black Friday is once again upon us, and with it comes the mass of phishing emails pretending to be too-good-to-be-true deals from stores your employees know and trust.  Make sure your employees know to avoid clicking on those links and exposing your network to malware!

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