Cloud computing is all the rage in today’s technologically driven world; unfortunately most people are still unsure what the “cloud” really is. Typically the “cloud” is used to reference the Internet and when someone is providing cloud based services they are typically providing some sort of service fully hosted on their servers across the network. As WingSwept continues to transform the way clients leverage technology to do business, we have partnered with cloud-based service providers to better accommodate our clients. Through these partnerships with providers such as Datto and Reflexion, WingSwept has been able to continue giving the highest quality service and the lowest possible cost.

Through Datto, we are able to provide Backup/Disaster Recovery over a secure network providing reliable backups in a secure offsite location. Reflexion provides an email security solution. Through Reflexion, we are able to provide our clients with protection against spam, virus, and volume based attacks before they ever reach the corporate network. Being a cloud based service means that Reflexion has the ability to use their own hardware to handle the filtering before it gets to the corporate network, and our client’s don’t need to buy hardware that drains their own bandwidth.

This article was written by a WingSwept Helpdesk Analyst.