A Summary of Recent ChannelPro Article “The Coming Convergence of File Sync and BDR.”

Dropbox is a very popular program and in some ways, it does the same job as some backup systems out there. But, do industry experts think file syncing programs are viable backup and disaster recovery (BDR) options? A recent article in ChannelPro magazine dove into the topic, and here are their thoughts.

Online file sharing services and backup services share all the same pieces,” says Jason Buffington, senior analyst for data protection at analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group. “They’re like a box of the same Lego pieces, but with different instructions.”

The article goes on to say that file sync services are simply no substitute for traditional BDR solutions. You can’t let the one and only backup copy for critical files be in a file synchronization service. Even so, services such as Dropbox can be useful disaster recovery tools in some scenarios like if your personal laptop dies.

Many SMBs have security and compliance requirements that file sync solutions aren’t equipped to handle.

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