WingSwept, local IT consulting company, has leased an additional 975 square feet close by to the other Poole Drive locations to ensure that there will be enough office space to allow WingSwept to continue to grow. There are not any immediate plans to move anyone to the added space, but everyone is eager for the anticipated growth over the next 6 to 12 months.

Capacity is expected to be met for insides Vertical Markets sales representative within the next month.  With the leasing of the additional space, WingSwept will not face growth restrictions due to space.

WingSwept has already welcomed eight new hires within this past month. The company is taking action in preparation for continuation of growth and is readily prepared to for any additional space the expansion calls for.  Jay Strickland, President at WingSwept, is currently looking at options for expansion that will allow the company to continue in its growth.

“This has surely been an exciting year for WingSwept, and I’m especially grateful to all the staff for allowing me the enjoyment of having such things to worry about in a down economy,” says Strickland. “We are so fortunate to even have the possibility of not enough space to continue our current growth.”