On June 17th, Business Leader Magazine’s Top 100 North Carolina Small Businesses honored WingSwept and the other award recipients at the Sheraton Hotel in Downtown Raleigh.  The special ceremony was dedicated to businesses that had been chosen based on long and short term revenue growth, business accomplishments and their positive impact in the community.

This was the second annual awards ceremony, and turned into a successful event that brought many distinguished professionals together. WingSwept, a leading IT consulting firm specializing in web/database development and network support, debuted 31st on the list and was one of the most highly ranked web and IT networking companies in the area.

More than 280 small businesses were nominated, but only the most worthy nominees were chosen for the 2009 list.  Each business deserved its placement on the list in its unique ways. Some of the things that distinguished WingSwept and helped place it as 31st on the list were the recent success of the Technology Spring Clean recycling event that they sponsored and the impressive growth of client, staff, and physical working space.

“It’s great to work for a company that has the combination of a wonderful staff and a steadily growing, yet stable client base.  Our clients and staff are the two factors that make success of this level possible and will continue to move WingSwept ahead of our competitors”, said Jay Strickland, WingSwept’s president.