WingSwept is pleased to announce that Cray Carter has joined WingSwept’s growing staff.  As a Partner Advisor, Cray will help nurture and develop client relationships and be an overall valued asset to the IT consulting firm, specifically working in the Network Support division.

The Network Support division’s purpose is to provide peace of mind to businesses that value uptime and want to avoid the costly trouble of network downtime.  WingSwept works with clients to develop stable and effective information technology infrastructures which provide a positive return on assets for business owners through increased uptime and continuity of operations.

Cray’s professional background consists of over 10 years in business development, where he spent his time working in the Insurance field with small business owners in the eastern part of the state.  He knew of WingSwept’s successes but was further intrigued when he learned of its great record of employee satisfaction and morale.

“I am thrilled to work with this leading local IT firm that has proven its strengths through continuous growth despite a gloomy economy.” said Cray.  “WingSwept has given me an excellent opportunity for professional advancement as well as the chance to experience their impressive corporate culture.  I look forward to meeting WingSwept’s clients and further developing our partnerships.”