Cyber criminals are always developing news scams that will lead them to your information and possibly into your bank account.  These criminals may even use you in the process.

WingSwept’s partner, Trend Micro, suggest you never send sensitive personal or financial information via email, and don’t provide it at all unless you know you are dealing with a reputable company.  Trend Micro has tools to prevent such scams, but most people do not. Below is a recent case of someone falling victim to such a scam that was shared through Trend Micro’s newsletter.

A “company” approached a woman who had her resume posted on a career website and offered her a job as a financial manager that could work from home. In order to hire her, they needed personal and financial data of hers (like her license and bank account).  They informed her that they would be transfering large amounts of money into her bank account, which she was to withdraw after taking out her commision, and send on via Western Union to the investment firm.  The woman’s bank discovered this criminal activity, shut down her account, but then came to discover she was a victim and being used as a money mule.