Think about the service provider your company most appreciates; it might be a law, technology, accounting or marketing firm, or someone else entirely. Regardless of who it is, there’s a pretty good chance that it’s someone you’ve used for a while.  In fact, there’s a good chance that you’ve been dealing with the same people at that company for a long time.

There’s a good reason for that – companies with high turnover simply can’t deliver the same quality of service as those who keep the same employees for years.  That fact is just as true at Managed Service Providers (MSP) as it is at any other service provider.  Here are five reasons you should be wary of any company that loses as many engineers as it hires each year.

  • Basic Network Knowledge – Engineers can solve problems more efficiently, and more comprehensively, when they know your network. The engineers serving your company will never know your network if a new engineer is working on it for the first time each time you call them.
  • Understanding Your Strategy – Turnover is especially bad for your company if it’s happening at the Senior Engineer level of your technology provider. Your company’s leaders don’t have time to explain company strategy to a new Senior Engineer every three months, but your MSP needs to understand your strategic perspective to deliver a network that can support it.
  • Understanding Their Strategy – If half of the team that configured your network and purchased your workstations isn’t around anymore, your service provider won’t know what their own strategy was when they first put it together. This will lead to wasted time and money.
  • Employee Dissatisfaction – If your service provider’s engineers don’t stay around for long, the ones that are there probably aren’t happy with their jobs. That’s going to make them less pleasant to deal with and less invested in the work they do.
  • Provider Stability – Because high turnover is expensive, it’s also likely that a high-turnover provider is facing financial pressure. Financial pressure generally leads to reduced service quality, so they’re probably also losing customers, which further increases the financial pressure.  This is how turnover leads to a negative feedback service quality loop.

Those are five good reasons to consider a new MSP if you’re noticing consistent turnover.  They’re also five good reasons to make sure that any service provider you are considering has a reasonably low rate of employee turnover.

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