Only a couple months ago in August, a hacker got into the phone system of a computer design company called Prospect Heights and started charging calls to Somalia. The hackers remained in the system for days and rang up a total of $17,381.94.  The business owner is rightfully concerned that he is going to be stuck with these charges if the phone company does not take responsibility for catching the hacker earlier.

The article explains that “hackers go into companies’ voice-mail systems, generally after hours, and begin ‘dialing around’ to see if they can penetrate the system. Once they identify the voice-mail passwords, the hackers use a paging function to route calls through the company’s phone numbers.”

Such crimes can be prevented with the help of user education and configuration. Hackers target users who do not have their systems configured securely. For such reasons, WingSwept always configures customer’s phone systems to protect them from such fraud.