For those of you using Microsoft Office’s Outlook, WingSwept would like to introduce a feature that will help you coordinate with other business professionals by emailing your calendar.  It is a simple process from customizing how the recipient will view your calendar to sending it.

Click the Calendar icon in the left Navigation Pane of Microsoft Outlook, and then right-click the Calendar that you want to share.  You can then select Send Calendar via Email.

A new window should open where you can clarify what calendar you want to send, the date range to share, and the amount of detail to show to the recipient.

For step-by-step instructions, visit Microsoft Office Online. Select Share your calendar with anyone, and then select Send your calendar via e-mail.  It will automatically scroll down to the final section on the page.

You can find many other helpful tips on Microsoft Office Online. As always, WingSwept provides these tips wants to help you leverage technology.