Oracle posted a recent article on Forbes’s website about the importance of data management. Among the most interesting stats in the article: according to a recent survey Oracle conducted in conjunction with the Wall Street Journal, over half of executives have serious doubts about their organization’s ability to manage its data, and one out of five surveyed executives estimated that they were losing over 20% of their potential revenue by not managing their data in the best possible way.

To be fair, Oracle’s perception of data management’s importance might be biased – they are one of the largest data management companies in the world.  But there’s no doubt that it’s one of the hottest topics in technology – most companies generate more data than they ever have time to analyze now, and automating the aggregation or analysis of that data is one of the most important tools to determine where executives should focus as they grow their businesses.

The Data4Decisions event at the Raleigh Convention Center next week is a great example of just how much focus this topic is receiving.  Ranging from practical, high-level topics to technical presentations on Hadoop and deep learning, the conference will provide data analysts and executives with insight on how to get the most out of the data they’re creating and collecting.

In addition to network maintenance, WingSwept provides small businesses and government agencies all over the nation with custom software to streamline their data collection and reporting processes.  If your company is looking for ways to better manage your data, stop by WingSwept’s booth at the event to learn how we can help!