It seems pretty ironic, but electricity, the very thing that powers your computer, can actually hurt it more than help it.  WingSwept wanted to let you know that electricity can cause your computer network to go haywire in a couple different ways:

First there are transients, also known as surges or spikes in service usually caused by weather, animals, or even damage to a power pole caused by a vehicle accident.  Transients can occur pretty regularly, up to several times per week.  Having a surge protector does not guarantee your computer and data safe, however.  According to experts, surge protectors become burned out after just a few months of fighting off transients.

At the opposite end of the transient scale is what’s called a sag.  This is what happens when power drops below normal.  Everyone has witnessed a sag as they may come in the form of flickering lights caused by when some piece of equipment turns on or comes out of power saver mode.  Experts say offices can experience up to 30 sags a day.

Another issue is a blackout.  The definition is just what it sounds like—sudden power loss.  No matter how long a blackout lasts, it can cause major problems for your computer to include not even starting back up again.

How do you protect your computers and data?  Get yourself an uninterruptible power supply, or UPS.  These devices can sense electrical problems and adjusts accordingly to maintain normal power.  Make sure to get a UPS that will support your computer.  Contact WingSwept with any questions you have regarding UPS compatibility.