If you’re still using a traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone system for your small or mid-sized company, it might be time to consider a hosted VOIP solution.  While some technical planning will need to go into the transition, a cloud-hosted VOIP, or Voice-Over-IP, phone system can offer substantial advantages.  Here are the four biggest advantages.

Reduced Costs and Cost Variability
If you have hardware inside of your office that supports a PBX, it must be maintained and periodically replaced.  Hosted cloud VOIP phones systems replace these high up-front costs with a simple recurring monthly fee.  This adds cost certainty and removes the possibility of unexpected financial outlays.

Reduced Complexity
Every time an employee is added to many PBX phone systems, a new phone must be manually configured.  Even something as simple as switching desks can require reconfiguring the system.  With a hosted VOIP solution, phones will maintain their configuration when plugged into a different wall jack, and in many cases phones are delivered pre-configured.  In these cases, adding a new employee to the phone system is as easy as plugging the phone into the wall!

Advanced Features
Every PBX system must be individually installed and configured on-site. Hosted VOIP providers have to manage far fewer types of hardware, and can add features and roll them out to all customers at once.  Because of this, hosted VOIP providers can offer advanced features such as conference bridging and a web portal interface, even to smaller customers that would not be able to afford them on a PBX.

More Uptime
When a PBX goes down, there’s a good chance someone will have to come onsite and deal with the problem, which may involve installing new hardware.  This could take hours or even days.  With a hosted cloud VOIP system, all phone system hardware except the phone itself is located in monitored data centers. Many providers offer 24×7 support and uptime guarantees, providing more certainty to businesses reliant on continuous phone availability.

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